Agata Krzywka


Our Offer

We ensure passion, creativity, uniqueness, and aesthetically pleasing projects. We can guarantee efficient branch coordination, individual approach to every client, and, of course, friendly service both in the office and at the building site.

Comprehensive building and executive projects of office blocks, detached houses, residences, multi-family houses, hotels, and nursing home facilities.

Reconstruction and expansion of existing facilities

Comprehensive service of the investment process, preparation of project documentation of all branches together with all the necessary agreements, opinions, and permissions.


About Us

Sometimes the protest and the desire for distinctness gives way to the primal passion. As far as I can remember, art has always been there in my life. The smell of paint in Grandpa’s studio, eavesdropping conversations about artistic plans, discussing expositions… Perhaps this apparent excess convinced me to choose my own way.
I finished business studies and then computer graphics. However, my fascination with mathematical analysis and the magic of numbers lost its battle against the passion of creating new forms. For a few years I’ve been leading
a team of fantastic experts (architects, trade designers, design engineers). Coordinating the team, I also work designing interiors, which was also how my adventure with space forming begun. I get inspiration from learning about faraway lands. I’m especially fascinated with the raw beauty of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, the incredible atmosphere of Colonia del Sacramento, and the spiritual beauty of Kathmandu.


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  •  Konfekcyjna 21, 87-100 Toruń
Krzywka Studio Agata Krzywka

Publications, TV broadcast

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Alternatywy4u - 2010 (emisja TVP i Cyfra+)
Uwaga Równaga - 2012 (emisja TVP)
Nowe Idee - odpowiedzialni w biznesie - 2011 (emisja TVP)